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Pilates in Holland is the only studio in Holland to offer Group Reformer Classes. Get the benefit of Pilates equipment at a fraction of the cost! Plus, you get to move in a community of friends. We call that a win-win.

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Covid safety protocols are in place. Fully vaccinated clients are no longer required to wear masks unless they choose to.
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Creating strength & flexibility

I believe Pilates is the basis, the best foundation, for all other forms of exercise. Pilates (pronounced pih-LAH-tees) is the work of Joseph Pilates. What we do is lengthen, tone, and work from the center of the body outward to create strength and flexibility.


Pilates is like "time in a bottle", Every session I do puts some time back in the bottle, I use this "bottle full of time" to continue doing the things I love like backpacking on the Appalachian Trail, downhill skiing, biking, motorcycling and sailing. 2x weekly sessions with Mandy keep my body in the "I can do it" shape I need to be an active senior. Thanks Mandy!

Steve Wessels

I have been taking pilates from Mandy two times a week for the past 10 years. Mandy efficiently & effectively is able to monitor our movements precisely to get the most from our workout without injuring ourselves. It doesn't matter if you are old or young, new to exercise, or a seasoned athlete, Mandy modifies the lesson to meet everyone's need and is never boring. As a senior citizen, pilates has slowed down the aging process. My health is the best that it can be, and I am able to do all the things I enjoy!

Thanks Mandy for being a fabulous mentor!

Lorena Chambers

As a 60 year old guy, I decided that I wanted to row competitively. A key part of the rowing stroke requires a strong core, both back strength, and abs strength to support a long forward reach. I have had lower back disc problems and as a longtime bicycle racer - and typical guy - I have had extremely tight hamstrings. Both of these prevented almost any forward reach in my rowing stroke.

I began pilates workouts to try and address the problem. Through the classes and Mandy’s guidance, I now have a stronger core than anytime in my life with a solid 4-pack moving toward 6-pack and can reach the floor in a bend over and toes in a sitting forward bend- neither of which has been possible for at least 3 decades. The rowing stroke is no longer limited by my flexibility or back strength.

Very happy with my transformation.

Brian Donnelly

I found Pilates in Holland after having my second baby. I was feeling very disconnected from my body. I was anxious to start exercising again, however I had the best experience coming to this studio! Mandy made me feel comfortable and genuinely welcomed from our very first conversation. Mandy is the most awesome, talented, and motivating instructor. I am constantly amazed at how every class is something new and different. She has so much charisma and her classes are incredibly dynamic. I leave every time feeling longer, leaner, and stronger. Now, I feel much more connected to my body. My back is healthier, my core is much more powerful, and I feel significantly better about myself overall! Not only that, my experience at Pilates in Holland gave me the confidence to seek out and incorporate other forms of exercise into my routine. My lifestyle is much healthier and I am so much more active now. I credit my progress largely to Mandy's caring, informed, and positive guidance and encouragement. Mandy's enthusiasm is contagious and she made me want to be a healthier version of myself. I am a huge fan and I highly recommend Pilates in Holland!

Rachael DeWitt

I'm proud of what this 41 year old body can do. I'm also totally inspired by my fellow Pilates classmates, women in their 50's, 60's, and 70's, doing the same work out!

Debra Lappenga

Before Pilates exercise was not something I enjoyed or stuck with, but after my very first class with Mandy, I went home and told my husband, "I'm never going to stop going!" That was nearly 5 years ago! Pilates has changed the way I view myself on every level. Regularly I go into class feeling a bit tired and grumpy, thinking it might be nice to skip and just stay home. When I leave class, however, I'm always glad I went. I feel fit, strong, and refreshed.
I can't say enough good about the positive impacts Pilates will have on your life! Try it, you deserve it!

Debra Lappenga RNMother to 3 beautiful girls

Did you know that Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise for older adults? I am one of those older adults that has had the privilege of being part of Mandy's pilates classes for 10 years. Mandy takes a real interest in the individual, adapting and modifying the Pilates workout to their needs. I have been blessed to be part of her program with increased core strength, muscle tone, stamina, balance and general well being. Mandy is passionate and dedicated to her clients at Pilates in Holland.

Lolly Vandenbosch

I am not a life long exerciser but I have enjoyed an active life doing pretty much what I wanted to do. By midlife, weight gain, inflexibility and back problems were becoming the norm. I hiked, skied and sailed but I had some issues. Seven years ago I began doing Pilates 2x week with Mandy and realized how much my core had deteriorated. I could no longer do a roll over without hurting myself.

As I practiced Pilates I was beginning to see progress and appreciated how I felt afterwards. I did stand taller and went to the chiropractor less. Since I've never really pushed myself physically, I was satisfied with this level of fitness.

It wasn't until I broke my leg at age 58 that I realized just how quickly my fitness could change. Mandy accommodated my injury during class, but I sat in a wheel chair the rest of the time. Atrophy is a serious motivator. But so is Mandy!

Initially Mandy was guiding me back to where I had been before. Baby steps back to health and we just kept going. I enjoy the challenge of Pilates. I can do a roll over as well as some other cool things. Yes, my clothes fit better but the biggest change is not physical but mental. I have a confidence in my body I haven't had in a very long time. This confidence helped me to decide I was ready to ski this past winter. It was the first time since I broke my leg six years ago. My relationship with Mandy and Pilates has helped me find my way to health and I am serious when I say I will do this for the rest of my life!

Nancy Wessels

When I came to Mandy in March 2014, I was concerned that she would not take me as a client. I had physical problems due to an auto accident many years ago. One leg had to be shortened and the ankle was also fused. As a result, my balance was unstable. Over the years my body has compensated for the injuries, so I could walk again. Some muscles were stronger than others and it was difficult to stand unless I pushed off a chair. Not only did Mandy take me on as a client, she welcomed the challenge. She started with the principles of Pilates and increased the difficulty based on my progress. Movements were never forced, only encouraged. Today my balance is much better. My core stability is improving. As a result, I have a reduced risk of injury. I have increased my muscle strength and it is easier for me to stand right up! I am thankful for Pilates in Holland, and happy with the progress I am making. Mandy has also become a good friend.


My sister Debra couldn’t stop talking about how Pilates changed how she felt physically. With low back and foot problems, I didn’t think I could physically keep up if I tried pilates. Mandy took my concerns seriously. Because she heard me and modified my exercises for me, I felt safe physically and emotionally. I tried a walk-in class, and then another, and soon signed up for two classes a week. My favorite features at PIH are the small class sizes, safe environment to push myself, and friends who ‘get’ why I love pilates.

Dawn WilliamsSchool Nurse | Mother to 4 fearless children

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Offering group classes and Private sessions in an inviting, educational, and motivating environment. Pilates in Holland inspires wellness. Each dynamic session in the beautiful studio will feel new and unique while challenging you on the state of the art equipment.

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Located at 11595 E. Lakewood Blvd Suite 130. Quaintly nestled in the north side of Holland. The environment is warm and inviting. Each dynamic session in the beautiful studio with state of the art equipment feels new and unique.

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