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The Why of it All

By June 22, 2020Pilates In Holland

Sometimes I ask myself why I do the things that I do. Is it habit? To make someone happy? Momentum that carries me along? An intentional choice? My answers are a mix of many things most of the time. There isn’t one right answer.

But the answer to the question of why I started Pilates in Holland is always the same: I’m a community mover and I move better with others. I think lots of other people do too. From my childhood, I thrived in team sports and activities. Choreographed energy experiences are where I feel most comfortable in my body. In my young adult life, I lost those outlets and felt lost. When I discovered Pilates, it reawakened in me. And when I started teaching, I got to LEAD a group in movement together, supporting each other in their learning and hard work. Let me tell you, there’s nothing better than guiding people through that.

There are definite, measurable benefits to Pilates. But there are as many answers to “why Pilates” as there are people. Some clients choose Pilates so they can maintain mobility and strength as they get older. Others want a full-body workout that keeps them in top shape for sports or competitions. And still others choose Pilates because it focuses their mind on the work they’re doing and gets them in their body, instead of their head.

What’s more important to me is why people choose Pilates in Holland. Knowing why allows me and all the teachers to help them achieve their goals. Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting some of our clients to tell us their “why.” Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to hear the stories behind the movement from Jane, Carol, Alina, and more.


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