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By July 13, 2020Pilates In Holland

I have a problem. I indulged too much and moved too little for the first 6 weeks or so of quarantine. And my waistline, physical energy, and mental agility show it. As the owner of Pilates in Holland, where movement is essential, I ask myself how I got here and, more importantly, how I get back to myself?

The answer to the first question is pretty straightforward. We are living through a pandemic that is causing worldwide stress on an unprecedented level. I’m not necessarily proud of how I handled it, but I’m not beating myself up over it either. Life has been hard all over our community, state, nation, and world, and we’re all doing the best we can. 

I’ve got to the point now that I feel I can do better, so I’m answering the question of how I get back to myself with my motto: movement is necessary. For our bodies, for our minds, for our communities. So today I’m introducing Thirty – 30 – Thirty. Movement, Strength, Connection.

30 Minutes of Movement: Choose how you want to move. It might be 30 minutes of Pilates a few times a week, and other things you love the rest of the week. I know many of you play tennis, paddleboard, or run. Or maybe you prefer walking or hiking. What about biking or swimming? Whatever it is, move in all the ways you love for 30 minutes every day. (Check out our YouTube page for some short videos you can pair with other movement or string together for a 30-minute workout!) 30 Pushups: We can’t forget our upper body strength, so use those arms, shoulders, and upper backs. EVERYONE can find a way to do a pushup, whether it be on the floor, against a wall, or anywhere in between. 30 Seconds of Breathing: This one is so important. Thirty seconds to connect with your breath, your beautiful body, the world around you. When we breathe mindfully, we connect with the larger world and learn to be more patient and compassionate with ourselves and others. (If you want something a little longer, try a Loving-Kindness meditation.) I hope you’ll join me in adopting this as a daily means of getting back to yourself and keeping yourself healthy. Altogether, it will take less than 35 minutes. Look at it as an investment in yourself, a little me time, a gift of wellness.


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  • Paula Cook says:

    Get out that Fitbit! Climb those steps. Ride that bike. Being older doesn’t mean you are unable to do the same things. You…we…just have to be more aware of our bones, muscles, and balance.

  • Kim says:

    This was perfect timing Mandy! Thank you for sharing your plan! This is one I can achieve. ☀️‍♀️

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