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It Takes Practice

By August 10, 2020Pilates In Holland

I keep having these awkward interactions with people. Maybe the same is happening to you?

I’ll be out walking Maverick and pass someone I know on the sidewalk. We stop and talk, 6 feet away from each other. It’s strange, feels weird, so we end the conversation quickly and move on. 

I had dinner with friends (outside on the deck, distanced and/or masked the whole time) and it was even weirder. Instead of greeting with my typical hug, we started with stilted conversation, not knowing what to do with ourselves for the first 5 minutes. It got better…we remembered how to be around each other and the conversation and laughter flowed comfortably. Until it was time to say good-bye and that same awkwardness reared its ugly head.

I am a social creature, and I crave being around people. Connection and togetherness are so important. But how do we go from survival mode and being isolated to being a good neighbor, community member, active citizen?

There’s definitely a learning period. 

This week I am starting a new practice, offering some outdoor group reformer classes. It’s a unique situation, but I am hopeful that it will help everyone who attends get a little more comfortable with being around small groups of others in a safe way, maintaining community.

If you are feeling lonely, helpless, or struggling with the transition between home and being among people, Pilates in Holland teachers are also reaching out to connect one-on-one with clients for Private Zoom ClassesWe will deliver equipment to your home for use during your sessions. Email me if you are interested!

It takes practice, this new way of being. We’ll do it together.


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  • Carole Hintz says:

    How I would enjoy your outdoor reformer class, Mandy!! After surgery and recovery, I will return to Pilates in Holland via however I am able to do so. Hopefully, this new class will be filled very quickly and everyone attending so happy to be connected again!! How you are handling Covid-19 is amazing: creative, courageous, fun, authentic, so beneficial to others and incredible willingness to expend much time and energy for goals set forth.

    • mm Mandy says:

      I miss you! You will be back in no time and thank you so much for the beautiful encouragement. ♥️♥️♥️

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