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High Intention, Low Attachment

By January 4, 2021Pilates In Holland

There’s a general lack of motivation going around right now. And it’s not just at Pilates in Holland, it’s everywhere. I heard it’s called acedia, an old, old word for a state of listlessness or torpor, of not caring or not being concerned with one’s position or condition in the world. Apparently, monks of long ago experienced this regularly due to their isolation.

When I first started planning Release & Renew, I wrote down, “Let’s create a good track record together building a stronger body, mind, and belief in ourselves.”

I think we’ve stopped believing in ourselves. After a year of pivoting to meet the next challenge and the next (I now loathe the word pivot!), we are tired, and maybe a bit disheartened and jaded.

We need to start easing back into our successes, our hope, our light. Maybe get our groove back!

The time is ripe for practicing high intention, low attachment. I have goals for Pilates in Holland, for my family, for myself. And I set myself up for success, but I don’t beat myself up for the ones I don’t attain. I didn’t make it to that class this morning? That’s ok, there’s another one coming up at noon. Perhaps I snacked more than I’d like, but now that I’ve enjoyed that, I’m going to make different choices tomorrow. I don’t let it destroy the rest of my day ruminating over it (ok, I TRY not to ruminate!)

There is no perfect, there is only “Begin Again,” my favorite meditating mantra. Oh look, I caught my mind wandering again. Cool that I noticed it this time, now let’s get back to my breath.

So instead of living in acedia, which is really just low intentions, low attachment, let’s raise our intentions but keep the attachment low. Let’s start to make some new goals for ourselves, and in doing so remember how amazing we are.

Click the picture below to download a pdf of our refresher checklist.


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