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They’re Doing Choreography

By January 18, 2021Pilates In Holland

Every human body is different: the way we look, the way we act, the way we move. And we celebrate that at Pilates in Holland. Whether on the mat or the Reformer, we teach in a way that’s unique to you. Every class is personalized to the needs of the people who are present. 

Regardless of the PIH movement educator you are with, it is innately in us as humans and within our training to see people for uniquely how they work as a whole. We have movements and shapes that we want people’s bodies to reach, but that is going to look different on everyone. There is an entire range of options, and all of those options are encouraged. 

Instead of checking off a list during instruction, we know the top things we are going to introduce and have you explore, and as we watch that unfold and we see restrictions or enthusiasm or power coming to life, we lean into that. We are there to connect with the people in the class in that moment, not to check the boxes of the choreography that was created. It ends up feeling like an amazing choreographed dance that everyone did together. The energy of the beings informs the teacher and when that relationship, that connection, is present, it’s beautiful.

We’re very connected to the people who we work with at Pilates in Holland.

I’m a huge nerd of old song and dance movies and one of my favorites is White Christmas. My absolute favorite song is Sisters with the fabulous Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Lee (side note: did you know that the Bing Crosby/Danny Kaye lip-sync wasn’t originally scripted? It happened organically and they decided to work it into the move…Bing’s laughter over Danny Kaye’s antics is real!) But back to my point, which is the iconic Choreography in which Danny Kaye bemoans the way dance has been overtaken by “choreography.”

What funny to me is that, while making fun of choreography, they’re doing choreography! Maybe the difference is that they feel connected to this choreo. So yeah, you’ll do choreography in a Pilates in Holland class (every class tells a story), but it’s so much more than that.


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