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A Worthy Invesment

By February 15, 2021February 25th, 2021Pilates In Holland

While watching the big game (or rather while my son and husband watched the game and I watched the commercials) I pre-ordered some overpriced tomato plant seedlings. This is unlike my usual method of taking some time to think purchases over, doing a little research (or a lot!), and debating with myself whether or not I really need it. You could kindly call me frugal. 😉 But not this time. I had spent quite a while dreaming over the Territorial Seed Company catalog, and when I found the seeds were sold out, I went ahead and ordered the seedlings.

Don’t these cherry tomatoes look amazing!

My son looked at my husband and said,” have you noticed how mom is going on a spending spree lately?” We looked at each other with question marks. “What do you mean? Have I really? How much has she spent???”

But as I looked back on the past few months, I could see his point. (side note: I have NOT been on this huge spending spree that my son imagines!) I have been allowing myself a little more leeway, more room for little joys, giving myself grace. I think of it as an investment in my physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Dinner has been pushed later sometimes so I could make time to walk or meditate or watch one more episode of Schitt’s Creek. And dinner has included a lot more favorites, not just the stuff I “should eat.” I bought colorful plants to have on my desk. Sometimes, when I just can’t with the dishes, the dishwasher gets run twice. I’ve even taken the rash step of spending some money on myself (who am I??)! 

I started private sessions with Terree when Pilates in Holland reopened last fall, and they have been life-changing. I’ve learned so much more about my body, including the ways that scoliosis has shaped how I move and the limitations it has caused. I have never been able to do roll up/roll down, and I truly thought I never would. But now I see it as a possibility!

We think Pilates in Holland is a pretty great place to take care of yourself. No matter what you do though, be sure to invest in yourself. You are 100% worth it.

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