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There’s No Compromising in Pilates

By March 1, 2021Pilates In Holland


It’s a good word….or it can be when done in a way that moves us and others along our path in a positive way.

But it also has negative connotations. We can compromise what we know is right or true in order to keep the peace, get attention, or just because we can’t see another option. I know I’ve been there, done that. Life is one big learning curve, and I’m learning that compromise has too often had negative consequences in my life.

One area where I’ve never felt like I had to compromise was with Pilates.

Pilates never asks you to compromise yourself. It just asks you to be exactly who you are. It lets your body be what your body is, and the invitation is there to grow in new ways, move in new ways, strengthen in new ways. But never do you feel like the work compromises you.

And I don’t mean just physically. You’re allowed to bring your mind as it is, and then let there be quiet, connection, joy. That’s going to happen just by you showing up. Pilates doesn’t really care what your mind was doing before you walked in the door. And that’s a little bit of magic.

Did I just say Pilates is magical? I guess I did. :) Come to Pilates in Holland and see if you agree.

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