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Skadoosh Doubts & Limitations

By April 20, 2021Pilates In Holland

Kung Fu Panda was a favorite of my kids when they were little (ok, it was a fav of mine too :)). They loved it for Jack Black’s humor and the exciting storyline. I did too, but I also loved the absurdity of a big, cuddly panda becoming a kung fu master. I mean, that’s part of the joke, right? Kung Fu masters are supposed to be thin and lithe, not pudgy fans of noodle bowls. But here’s Po, proving us all wrong.

And Pilates is a lot like that. We have this image in our heads of who is supposed to do Pilates. But those images are NONSENSE. We have clients of all shapes, sizes, genders, and ages at Pilates in Holland. And every one of them is becoming a master of their own health and well-being in the exact way that works for them.

Pre-Covid flashback

So here’s a little peek behind the curtain to show you what we do and how it’s for EVERY BODY. And the bonus is, every move links to something that will improve your daily life.

A strong core, for example, can help you avoid the dreaded doctor’s visit when you actually become shorter than you’ve been your whole adult life. In addition to the postural work, a strong core helps to reduce back pain. And those heavy pots you keep in upper cabinets, you can still reach over your head and have the core strength to lift them. And this is just a few of the benefits besides just feeling healthier and stronger.

(Mandy is working on the Cadillac for better viewing while filming. These moves are perfect for doing on a mat at home, or even on a beach towel on your carpeted floor.)

I’m no different. I don’t have the ideal body, but I bring my best effort to Pilates in Holland and I get stronger. Terree or Mandy push me to reach farther and I may curse them under my breath, but I find I am capable. Every time I push past an old boundary, I think Skadoosh, I have mastered the Wuxi finger hold. And you can too.

Skadoosh, doubts and limitations.



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  • Kristen Hintz says:

    Thank you, Renee and Mandy, for the blog and morning exercise tips. It was a great way to begin my day. I will remember the skadoosh finger hold, your Message and the Four core strength exercises. I look forward to Saturday.

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