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By May 31, 2021Pilates In Holland


It’s a magical time of freedom, blasting music, windows down, possibility, and excitement. It’s a time for being young, or for remembering being young. 😉 Maybe we remember it fondly, or maybe we are happy to be past our “misspent” youth. But summer still brings me a surge of excitement for being with friends and family, for cookouts, lazy beach afternoons, tending my flowers, feeling a beautiful summer breeze.

With all that, summer is a season full of movement: gardening and yard work, biking, walking, swimming, running, paddleboarding, kayaking, playing catch, and soccer with grandkids. And though we’re not as young as we used to be, we still want to do it ALL!

Pilates builds strength and flexibility, a combination otherwise known as mobility. When you have a full range of motion that includes strength, you can paddle with the best of them. Next time we draw the sword on the Reformer, remember it will help you avoid sore muscles so you don’t regret that adventure the next day. (and maybe do some windmill arms if you do end up sore!)

Pilates also builds body awareness for everything you do in life. Keeping that core engaged while lifting a heavy wheelbarrow or pulling a wagon full of kiddos will help you to move with ease. Imagining that pencil under your glute cheek will help you run trails with more power and better balance.

Summertime and the living is easy. Well, it is when you do Pilates. 🙂


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Pilates in Holland