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Welcome to Our World of Toys

By September 6, 2021Pilates In Holland

When Mandy and I started talking about this new blog series meant to introduce everyone to Pilates in Holland and all the equipment we use in the studio, the old FAO Schwartz song that played on a loop in the store came to mind, “Welcome to our world, welcome to our world, welcome to our world of toys!”

This is, indeed, a welcome to our world: our PIH community, the way the studio functions, and everything we use in it. And though some of the equipment may look intimidating, we hope you will soon see that though they are meant to be challenging and make you work hard, they are also supportive and foster fun in seeing what your body can do.

We’ll start with the most obviously welcoming part of the studio, our entrance. From the moment you arrive and see the planters out front, we hope you feel welcomed. Inside, we love our bench and hooks, and how what we see there changes through the seasons. From flip-flops and totes to jackets to winter boots and scarves, our clients bring their lives into the studio, and we are so honored to get to share in them. We love the chatting and sharing that goes on here!

In the entrance, you will also find our inspirational message board. Mandy posts a new quote every Monday as a shared thought for the week (follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see them!). Sometimes they’re inspirational, sometimes challenging, sometimes funny, but always a way to connect to our community of movers. 

Next time you’re in the studio, take a moment to say hi to a friend, read the quote, and take a deep breath… you’re with your PIH community!


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