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Counting My Blessings

By December 20, 2021Pilates In Holland

As we’re coming up to my 2 year anniversary as the Creative Lead at Pilates in Holland, I’ve been taking some time to reflect. Not to be dramatic, but it has changed my life. I have learned so much that translates into my everyday life; so much that makes my life better.

A couple of weeks ago, as I was taking a Nia class with our friend Jessica, we were doing heel bumps. I smiled as I realized I knew that heel bumps are great for bone health and strength, a little gem I learned from Jayne. I bumped with a little more purpose.

When my dad had a stroke in September, I made sure I had enough room in my carry-on for a BrainSpeed ball. Why? Because Mandy taught me how good it is for brain recovery and development. Even just holding the ball in your outstretched hand and keeping your eyes on a letter or number (without moving your head) as you move the ball left and right is a fantastic exercise that helps with balance, coordination, and brain health.

Last week I drove 11 hours a day (TWICE) to bring my oldest home from Oberlin for the weekend to be confirmed. What did I do when I had sore, stiff quads, glutes, and low back? I got out my green ball and did a bunch of release work that Terree taught me. It was just what I needed to loosen those tight muscles.

And Debra? She taught me how to sweat just standing against a wall. After that same long car ride, my shoulders were slumped forward and I really needed to open my chest. So I did a chest opener I learned from Deb during our period of online-only classes. You stand facing a wall and lean your upper body against it with your arms in a goalpost position. Slowly slide your arms up the wall a few inches, then back down. This opens your chest while strengthening the muscles around your shoulder blades. The fact that this makes me sweat probably means that I should be doing it more often. 😉

So when I fall asleep counting my blessings, working at Pilates in Holland with our amazing staff is definitely among them.


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  • Randi Melnyk says:

    Love this! I find myself doing the same things as you described ! I also have to add Inhear Teresa talking to me as I don certain things the wrong way. LOL
    Happy Holidays
    Randi Melnyk!

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