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That’s So Inappropriate!

By March 21, 2022Pilates In Holland

I was trained as a teacher and spent several years teaching elementary and middle school before staying home with my kids. Though I’m no longer in the classroom, I still find myself using the knowledge I gained in those education classes with my kids and in my world as a whole.

The different ways in which people learn are almost always applicable. These include Visual, Auditory, Reading & Writing, and Kinesthetic (VARK). Generally, it means that some people learn best by seeing information in graphic form, others by listening to the information, some by reading and processing text, and still others by actually doing it (hands-on). But however great these simple categories sound, the reality is usually much more complex. Most people need some of each type of learning and the degrees can vary depending on what kind of information is being presented.

So why am I telling you this? Because Pilates in Holland is adding another component to our already rich, science-based teaching styles. 

The reading/writing category? You’re enjoying it right now! 🙂 Blogs, newsletters, and handouts help those of us who process that way. In a Pilates class, you are, of course, getting kinesthetic feedback and listening to directions, often with some visual cues when the teacher uses a client or themselves for demonstration. 

But that isn’t always enough…and it isn’t always appropriate! Try identifying the pelvic floor or the sitz bones on a person in class! So we now have anatomy models to help us all visualize exactly what body parts we’re engaging and how they are moving. 

These tools will be popping into class on and off. We hope they pique your curiosity and give us the information we need to lead healthier lives. 


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