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Stretch Much?

By June 6, 2022June 13th, 2024Pilates In Holland

I’m not one for fads. Bulletproof coffee? I skipped that. I did not go looking for Pokemon (okay, once, for my kids.) You won’t see me wearing a fanny pack across my chest anytime soon, and don’t get me started on Mandy’s Birkenstocks with the huge gold buckles. 

But some fads do get me. I mean, the ice bucket challenge was fun and for a good cause! And hot chocolate bombs totally seemed like a good idea (but were a real let-down).

One fad that’s worth watching is the new interest in our fascial system. I seem to hear about it everywhere now. We’ve even talked about it in this blog, and that’s for good reason. The reason is that it’s not actually a fad: the fascial system and the need to take care of it has always been there. However, new science is coming out, and it is worth paying attention to.

A while ago, Debra sent me this article about what happens to your body if you don’t stretch. My favorite line is that stretching is “really about moving your body in the most diverse way you can so that your fascia has a range of experiences that teach it how to support your every movement. Stretching isn’t about doing the splits; it’s about priming your body to move in ways you love.”

We do LOTS of stretching and fascial release work at Pilates in Holland. From rolling out our feet and back arm lines to stretching out our side-bodies doing mermaid, it’s intentionally incorporated into every class.

But another way we foster this type of movement is through Terree’s Release Workshops. This 2-hour workshop is dedicated to stretching, rolling, and release. Starting from your feet to the top of your head, there isn’t a body part that’s missed.

Terree uses lots of tools, from foam rollers to racquetballs, your own body weight to the famous “green ball.” Each is designed to stimulate the fascial system (the connective tissues surrounding your muscles) to facilitate the healthy movement of your muscles.  Let me give you a visual. Picture a baggie of uncooked noodles. Now picture that baggie with olive oil mixed in. That’s what you’re providing to your connective tissue. This isn’t just for elite athletes, this is for anyone who wants to move comfortably and reliably… ie. it’s for everyone!

So you see, some fads really do pay off. In fact, I recently bought my first pair of Birkenstocks for the comfort and foot alignment. But I did get them with the tiniest buckles they have!

Like your fascial system, the Release Workshop is not a fad (it’s really rather essential to your body) and you don’t want to miss it! Check our schedule for the next workshop. Then wear comfy clothes and be ready to grimace and sigh as those tools work their magic on you. And we promise you’ll leave feeling loose-limbed and about a foot taller!


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