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Freedom of Movement

By July 4, 2022Pilates In Holland

Happy Fourth of July!

On this holiday celebrating freedom, the staff at Pilates in Holland is reflecting on our freedom of movement. We are all firm believers that practicing Pilates leads to healthy bodies and contributes to our freedom of movement: movement that we never want to take for granted.

I enjoy the freedom of getting somewhere on foot, especially a place that might otherwise be inaccessible. Walking with my dogs on the beach is the best, and moving with friends has been a love for years.

My freedom of movement is feeling strong, balanced, and powerful. I love the full-body feeling of side plank, as it requires arm, core, and leg strength.

Freedom of movement for me is paddle boarding, keeping my family active, and sledding. In general, trying to set a good example of being active for my girls.

I still have a lot of world left to see, so freedom of movement for me is being able to hike up a mountain in Iceland, search out waterfalls in Munising, or walk a few miles to my next sweet treat in a new city.

Freedom of movement to me is being able to get outside in nature. Hiking or walking nature trails, whether alone or with friends, always relaxes me and helps reduce my stress and is something I’ve enjoyed since childhood.

Freedom of Movement is being able to play flute with less pain and more freedom, keeping up with grandchildren and feeling strong.  Freedom is having the strength to be able to do anything I want to do without a second thought about limitations.


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