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Life in Harmony

By March 6, 2023Pilates In Holland


It is so important. 

We talk about balance a lot in class. We work to strengthen muscles and brain connections in order to have better balance so we can live a healthy, full life.

But physiological balance isn’t the only kind that’s important to a healthy, full life. We move our bodies and quiet our minds to live in better life balance.

We hear about work-life balance and the struggle is real. Thanks to remote work, super-smart tech, and more flexible schedules muddying the line between our professional and personal lives, it’s harder than ever. But it’s more than that. We’re more than that. 

Sure, our lives have professional and family aspects, but also physical, emotional, and spiritual. And what about romances, friendships, hobbies, and passion projects? There are myriad aspects in each life, all different. And in the middle is the whole, beautiful you. 

“Whole” is the origin of the word “health”, but it is more than the health of the body. It’s about the health of the psyche, mind, and spirit, in harmony. What does that harmony mean for you?

For me, harmony is time with my family, puttering in my garden, cooking healthy meals, creating great flows for the clients in my classes, listening to books while I walk my pups, and finding learning opportunities to continue growing in my field. Creating an environment that people want to be in is also high on my list, both at home and at the studio. 

Pilates in Holland is not a chain fitness studio. We’re not out to make a buck or encourage cookie-cutter fitness. My vision, from the beginning, was to have a space where people learn, love, and take care of themselves and each other. That vision is still the same, even with a team of teachers and more clients.

This means that we don’t do monthly memberships, that classes are planned specifically for the people who will be in them, that we have a gracious cancellation policy, and that we give our staff breaks. When we talk about a body-mind connection and having balance in your life, we mean it, and strive to live by example. Having sessions instead of monthly memberships or punch cards means that our teachers have built-in breaks instead of working 52 weeks a year. It allows us to make space in our lives for all the things we value.

So what are the areas in your life that you value? And are you making space for them? Are the areas that you are focusing on giving you satisfaction? If you’re not sure, try a Wheel of Life tool. It’s a way of helping you discern what’s important to you and visualizing if all parts of your life are in harmony.

Emotional Well-being

Personal growth

Mental State
Life Vision
Contribution to society

Again, the idea is to examine these parts of yourself or your life to see if there are important things you’ve been giving too much or too little of yourself to. Asking yourself how satisfied you are in each area is a powerful question. The Wheel of Life is a great exercise to take time for every so often to re-vision as you grow and your priorities change.

No matter what, we hope you are able to create harmony in your one, beautiful life.


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