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Happy Anniversary!

By March 18, 2024Pilates In Holland

Ten years is a long time. 

Think back to 2014. What were you doing? What was going on in the world? I did a little 2014 research for you:

  • The Winter Olympics were in Sochi, Russia
  • Pharell Williams was Happy 24 hours a day and Iggy Azalea was Fancy
  • We were only on iPhone 6
  • Taylor Swift released 1989 which became the top-selling album of the year
  • The top 3 movies were Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hunger Games-Mockingjay Part 1, and Captain America: Winter Soldier
  • Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chili Peppers played at the Super Bowl halftime and Ellen DeGeneres hosted the Oscars
  • Everyone spent the summer dousing themselves with buckets of ice water for the ALS challenge

So yeah, it’s been a minute since my friend opened Pilates in Holland. Many of us made the move to the new studio after taking classes with Mandy at Avalon School of the Arts where she began offering them in 2004. Yes! You read that right! Mandy has been doing Pilates in the city of Holland for 20 years! 

It’s no surprise that the staff has been there most of the time. I started in 2005. Deb and Terree have been here since 2009, and Jayne since 2011. Teresa started in the new studio in 2014. But it’s the same with clients. Lorena has been here for almost 20 years, Carrie and Tammi for 10, Jessica for 8, and Kim for over 5 years…and these are just the people who emailed to enter the anniversary drawing.

Mandy just can’t get rid of us. 😉

We all came for different reasons: pain, dealing with osteopenia, wanting to get back into shape after a difficult pregnancy, needing to make time for self-care. We all stayed because, as Debra puts it, we found our form of exercise.


I started Pilates in 2014 to increase my core strength after an incident that left me with some dislocated ribs. Amazingly, Pilates also helped me regain strength from previous injuries that had resulted in various surgeries. 


I felt like I was in capable, competent, kind hands. I didn’t feel judged for how weak and inflexible I was. And my fellow classmates were inspiring and encouraging.

Pilates changed the entire course of my life quite literally. I am stronger; physically, mentally, and emotionally. I’m more confident and secure in my body and mind. I’m a happier and more patient person after I do Pilates. The endorphins are real!


I remember my first class with Mandy and how welcoming and encouraging she was, accepting what my body was capable of doing at that moment but also giving me a glimpse of where it could go with time, patience, and focused work. 

In 2012 our family moved to France for two years. The day after we returned home to Holland, there I was at Mandy’s brand new studio, jetlagged and all, taking a mat class. I was so happy to be there and she greeted me like she greets us all; with warmth and genuine joy that we’re there to join her. 


Pilates engaged my brain and got me out of my head enough to connect with my body.  Pilates finally made my whole being work together in a way it never had before. And then every week there seemed to be a new movement, a new challenge. I never got bored with repetition. Almost 20 years later it still keeps my mind and body engaged.


I would love for you to experience the magnitude of what Pilates in Holland offers to you physically and mentally. We meet you where you’re at and the sky is the limit. We’re passionate about helping you feel your best, educating you on all the options you have in your body, and encouraging you to make your well-being a priority

Congratulations, Mandy!




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