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By June 3, 2024Pilates In Holland

The calendar might say summer doesn’t start until June 20, but summer’s already here at Pilates in Holland. Happy first day of the summer session!

In class yesterday (the last day of the spring session, with lots of make-ups happening), I saw so many new faces! We’ve had a lot of interest and new clients coming to the studio. It’s awesome! But I also want to take a minute to acknowledge that and maybe catch some of our newbies up on who and what PIH is and explain some of our idiosyncrasies.

from top to bottom, left to right: Mandy, Teresa, Jayne, Debra, Terree, Rebecca, Tracy, Renee

Mandy Hilldore is the founder and owner of Pilates in Holland, which opened 10 years ago. She is celebrating 20 years as a Pilates instructor, loves plants & chickens, and is a pickleball enthusiast.

Teresa Bellingar was the first teacher to join the PIH team after starting classes in 2014. She works full-time as a certified professional ergonomist and currently only teaches private sessions at the studio. Jayne Gort retired from AT&T as a network engineer and combined her love of teaching (flute) and her love for Pilates to make a new career as a Pilates teacher.

Next came Debra Lappenga and Terree Brncick, both former nurses who started with Mandy around 2008/2009. Debra’s Pilates journey started after a difficult pregnancy and became such an addiction she thought she better just go ahead and teach. Terree’s first clue she should teach came when she found herself in the PIH studio the day after returning from two years abroad.

Our newest staff members are Rebecca Pfeiffer Wierks and Tracy Segal. Rebecca is our certified sound bath therapist and is also a licensed pediatric nurse practitioner. Tracy is a Certified Health Coach and is in the process of becoming a comprehensive Pilates teacher with Ahmé Bovée, who is the Balanced Body Master Trainer all of our teachers trained through.

And I’m Renee Krueger, your cruise director (aka studio coordinator & creative lead). I write the blogs and newsletters and help bring new clients into the studio. I have been doing Pilates at PIH since 2005, am the other half of Mandy’s brain, and love being part of this team.

When we say Every Body Belongs, we mean that literally. No matter your age, ability, gender, race, or anything else. Pilates can work for you, and PIH teachers are skilled at making that happen. We have clients who are working to improve their athletic prowess, but we also have clients with Parkinson’s who are working to keep their mobility. Whether you are six weeks post-partum or were newly diagnosed with osteoporosis, there’s a modification that can be made or a different exercise that can be done.

Pilates in Holland is not a chain fitness studio. We’re not in it for the big bucks or to encourage cookie-cutter fitness. Mandy’s vision, from the beginning, was to build a community where people learn, love, and take care of themselves and each other. That vision is still the same, even with a team of teachers and more clients.

This means that we don’t do monthly memberships, that classes are planned specifically for the people who will be in them, that we have a gracious cancellation policy, and that we give our staff breaks. When we talk about a body-mind connection and having balance in your life, we mean it and strive to live by example. Having sessions instead of monthly memberships or punch cards means that our teachers have built-in breaks instead of working 52 weeks a year. It allows us to make space in our lives for all the things we value.

It also means we send thank you cards to all group class participants at the end of every session. It may seem silly, but it’s our way of thanking our clients, our friends, for participating in this community with us. It’s why our teachers are just a text away when we have questions about class (or maybe need to complain about sore muscles the day after ;)) and why we have the PIH app (Apple / Android) to make changes to your schedule. (Have questions about using the app? Here’s our app tutorial playlist.)

Doing online classes with Ahmé even during Covid!

It means we’re endlessly curious, about our community, and about our craft. Mandy is constantly learning about how the body and brain work together and has recently completed Trent McEntire’s Neuro Leadership Training as well as work with Missy Bunch and The Neuro Studio. Terree and Jayne are also taking classes with The Neuro Studio. Teresa is continuing her education on scoliosis and how Pilates can help those who have it, as well as taking workshops on fascia and interoception in movement. Jayne and Debra are certified Buff Bones instructors, and Terree and Jayne have taken pelvic floor training with Carolyne Anthony. Terree has also expanded her knowledge of the myofascial system with local clinicians specializing in myofascial release. Rebecca continues to learn and grow in her sound therapy practice, and Tracy is in the thick of her Pilates training. With a background in education, I’m a lifelong learner and am constantly reading. I love to share what I learn in our blog and will be starting a book club this fall!

So that’s a little bit about us We can’t wait to learn more about you. Thanks for being part of the community!


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