Group Equipment classes are for those looking for the full Pilates experience using state of the art Pilates Equipment in a small group environment.

MandyPIlates Instructor

Group Reformer

Core Reformer

A balanced workout that really starts to challenge how you use your CORE in relation to the resistance provided by the reformer. This class builds on mat principles and leaves you feeling toned, taller, and stretched out after every session.

Beginner-intermediate | 50 minutes Enroll In This Class

Group Reformer

Cardio Reformer

This class gives you blasts of cardio with jump board intervals to ramp up your heart rate and burn calories fast. The use of the Reformer, jump board, weighted balls, and Bosu balls will provide that cardio you have been looking to add to your Pilates practice.

Intermediate | 50 minute Enroll In This Class

Group Reformer

Foundations for Reformer

This class is designed to introduce you to Pilates and the Reformer.
Always wondered about Pilates and the Reformer? What do they actually do that everyone is raving about? This class will answer your questions. Learn the Foundations to quality movement, how to turn your core muscles on and integrate the whole body into your workout. We work brain to fingers and toes. This work will truly impact the way you live in your body.

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Energizing Experience 

Fierce Flow

This class brings a fierce pace as you flow from one circuit to the next. Two minute circuits on the Reformer, jump board, roller, Cadillac, exo chair, ladder barrel, and small apparatuses to create a heart pumping Pilates experience. Circuit training helps burst through plateaus and shifts neuromuscular patterns.