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Private Zoom Classes

Be Your Own Superhero!

Private Zoom Classes

are being offered by Mandy, Jayne, Debra, Terree, and Teresa and will meet for 4 private sessions.

Our teachers will meet with you on Zoom, one-on-one, focusing on:

  • balance and posture
  • core strength fundamentals
  • joint flexibility and stability
  • breath control

All props and equipment will be provided to your home to borrow. Provided props & equipment include weighted balls, resistance bands, rollers, Magic Circles, the Arc, BrainSpeed ball, etc. If you would like to purchase any equipment at the end of the session, just ask your instructor! 


  • Cost is $200 for 4 private 45-minute sessions
  • Scheduling is limited to teacher/client availability on a first-come, first-served basis

If you’d like to get on the schedule, contact Mandy today!

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“Woke up this morning feeling stiff, sluggish, and sleepy. Left pilates feeling vibrant, refreshed, and awake! My whole body and mind are buzzing in the best possible way! Thank you! 😘”

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