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Foundational Privates

$119 for 2 Sessions

Foundational Privates are for those new to Pilates or new to Reformer practice. They are a primer to prepare you for group classes. Foundational Privates or a Foundations Workshop are required for new clients.

Private Sessions

One-On-One Training

Private sessions are a great way to take your workout to a whole new level. Experience amazing results with a customized approach to your body’s needs. Work out on state-of-the-art balanced body equipment, including the Reformer, Cadillac, arc, bosu, and more. The equipment is both challenging and supportive, offering exactly what your body needs. Privates are an excellent choice for learning the basics, ramping up your workout, and reaching your potential of a deeper body-mind connection.

All clients are required to wear socks as well as bring their own straps for use on the Reformer and Cadillac.

Prefer virtual classes? Zoom classes are also available to private clients.


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