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We get many requests for recommended items to use at home. Here is a list of some of our recommendations.

Aeromat Mat

Foot Roller

Balance Body EXO Chair

Pilates Arc

Squishy Ball

Mini Massage Gun

Soft Roller

Regular Foam Roller

Massage Ball

Balance Pad

Balanced Body Tri Loops

Thick Mat

2 lb Weights

3 lb Weights

5 lb Weights

8 lb Weights

10 lb Weights

1-2-3 lb Weight Set

3-5-8 lb Weight Set

5-10-15 lb Weight Set


Weighted Balls

Pilates Ring

Stability Ball

Resistance Bands

Half Round Roller

Half Round Short Roller

Stretching Straps

Myofascial Release Ball

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BrainSpeed Ball

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