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Release Workshop

$55 for two hours of bliss!

Do you want to feel lighter and energized, with a deep sense of relaxation? In this workshop, you will experience the release of tight muscles throughout the body. From your toes to the back of your neck, we will use a variety of balls and the roller to release the myofascial tissue surrounding each and every muscle. Think of it as a 2-hour self-massage with the most effective stretching and strengthening of your life! Limited to 8 participants.

Our next workshop is TBA. Check back soon!

Buff Bones Workshop

$55 for the full workshop

We are excited to offer an educational workshop to learn about bone health and how to move safely with osteoporosis. The diagnosis of osteoporosis can be shocking and the information surrounding solutions confusing. Let’s get together and discuss what having osteoporosis means and maybe find some hope in taking charge of your solution. Led by certified Buff Bones instructor, Jayne Gort, we will explore movement with Buff Bones, a medically endorsed system of movement for bone and joint health. You are more than your T-score! 

Our next workshop is Saturday, June 10, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Foundations Workshop

$55 for the full workshop

This beginners’ workshop is made to introduce the movement principles of Pilates and prepare clients to move into a mat or Reformer class. Class is capped at 6 participants and is required for those new to Pilates.

Our next workshop is TBD. Check back for future dates.

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